Skincare/Pharmaceutical benefits of Chamomile Extract

Chamomile extract is the dry whole grass extract of compositae plant Matricaria chamomilla l. it mainly contains flavonoids, saponins, polysaccharides, volatile oil and other active components, and has anti-inflammatory, fungal and spasmolytic effects. Because of its many medicinal effects, it has been used as a pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredient.
Four outstanding and unique skincare effects of Chamomile extract:

Skincare benefits of Chamomile Extract
1, Chamomile extract contain a large number of ester ingredients, and the sensitivity effect is particularly significant. Chamomile's main function is to calm the skin, relieve skin sensitivity, reduce swelling and inflammation, close fine blood vessels, reduce the damage caused by excessive concentration of chemical substances or essential oil to the skin, and make the skin protective force, especially suitable for caring delicate and sensitive skin, making the skin healthy and radiant. 
2. Chamomile extract takes care of your skin all around. Chamomile extract can calm red rash, sensitivity, erythema acne, acne, prickly heat and skin redness and other symptoms. 
3. Chamomile extract relieves sunburned skin. After insolation, chamomile water can be applied with cosmetic cotton, which can quickly calm the red and swollen skin after insolation, avoid skin sunburn, prevent melanin precipitation, strengthen tissues and increase elasticity. 
4. Chamomile extract relieves dry skin. Because of its acidic pH value,the convergence effect is strong. In addition, for very dry, red skin or skin with similar symptoms it should not be used alone or for a long time.
Four outstanding and unique pharmaceutical effects of Chamomile extract:

Pharmaceutical benefits of Chamomile Extract
1.The cooling effect of chamomileextract. It can cure fever, its calming and soothing effect can fight allergies, relieve nervous tension and improve insomnia.
2. Anti-convulsion and analgesic effect. Chamomile extracthas anti-convulsion and analgesic effect (stomachache, physiological pain, headache, muscle pain, toothache)
3. The effect of gynaecology.Chamomile extract has the function of nourishing uterus, ovary and improving pelvic inflammation.
4. Digestive effects. Chamomile extract can improve digestion, regulate stomach and eliminate flatulence.
As chamomile extract is full of advantages and values, it’s mainly used for health products, functional drinks, pharmaceutical intermediates, cosmetics, etc.