The role of Plankton Extract in cosmetics

Algae refers to the macroalgae growing in the intertidal zone and subintertidal zone, which usually include green algae, brown algae and red algae.
All the hallmarks of a pure natural Marine product, Plankton Extract, come from the specialized seaweed itself. It contains alginic acid, crude protein, multivitamins, enzymes and trace elements.

The role of Plankton Extract in cosmetics
1. Remove wrinkles and fill skin
Plankton extract is rich in vitamin C, which can effectively fight oxidation and remove wrinkles. Vitamin C participates in the hydroxylation reaction, synthesizes collagen, and supplements collagen for skin, which can repair damaged or sunken skin and restore the normal state of skin.
2. Reduce pigment deposition
Plankton extract contains rich vitamin E, which can effectively eliminate the deposition of lipofuscin in cells, improve the normal function of cells, and effectively reduce pigment spots.
3. Regulate oil secretion
Rich in methionine and cystine, plankton extract integrates moisturizing and tightening properties, which can regulate the secretion of dry and oily skin, regulate the balance of water and oil, and effectively contract and tighten skin pores.
After this kind of nutrition absorbs through the skin, can reduce the surface blood fat, enhances the surface skin hematopoietic function, but also has loses weight, the heat preservation, thickens the function. Plankton extracts can be used in a wide variety of ways, adding small amounts of less than 5% to DIY skincare products can increase the smoothness and smoothness of the products, and it also contains a large amount of anions, thus giving SESMOLLIENT anti-wrinkle and anti-aging properties.

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