Introduction of Spilanthes Acmella Extract

Spilanthes acmella,an annual herb, is 30-90cm tall. Stem purplish red, inclined to lie down, ground root, the whole plant is sparse pilose. Generally, it is born at an altitude of 800-1900m beside the field ditch, roadside grass wet place. Spilanthes acmella mainly grows in the vast territory of South America, Africa, Asia and other tropical areas, the whole year blooming, known as "astronomical grass" in China.
Its whole herbal medicine can be used. The taste is hot and non-toxic.Taking powder internally, it is beneficial to gas detoxification , while using external, effective to relieve pain.
Clinical application of Spilanthes acmella extract
1. Treat chronic bronchitis
Take hay to make syrup, every 10 milliliters contain raw medicine 1 cent. 30 ml each time, take 2 times a day after meals, 10 days for a course of treatment. After two courses of treatment, 77 cases were pure type, 30 cases were controlled, and 22 cases were effective. Wheezing type was found in 8 cases, control in 1 case and significant effect in 7 cases.
2. Local anesthesia
50% injection was made from whole grass, and the anesthesia was applied layer by layer at the incision site. The operation could be performed after 3 ~ 8 minutes. Sometimes additional dose was needed during the operation to maintain the analgesic effect.
In addition, Spilanthes acmella extract also has a powerful skin care effect.
Spilanthes acmella extract, rich in isobutyl amide and highly active one thousand, chrysanthemum, tempering the biomechanical function of fiber cells, thus reforming the structure of the dermis, the skin of the density and compactness rapidly improve, reduce the roughness of the skin, smooth the skin activity, can quickly reduce the crow's feet, with anti-wrinkle effect.
Spilanthes acmella extract, already through (nerve - muscle coplant) in vitro method proves, shows immediate and reversible muscle relaxant effect, have the effect of smooth furrow as well. Solid law proves, it has the activity of powerful smooth skin, can reduce canthus crow's feet grain quickly too. Spilanthes acmella extract, therefore, has been designed and applied by many top international cosmetics companies to face anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle care products, especially suitable for the reduction of fine wrinkles cosmetic products.