Functions of Plankton Extract

1. Effects on blood
It was reported in the early years that Plankton Extract has an anti-coagulation effect similar to heparin. It was proved that alginic acid and its sulfate had no anticoagulant effect. However, after treatment, a OSO3H was introduced into the degraded substance (its molecular weight was reduced from 145000 to 10000 ~ 50000), and the anticoagulation effect was about 1/2 of heparin. Alginic acid itself prevents a blood clotting disorder. Calcium alginate is used as a surgical dressing to stop bleeding.
2. Lipid-lowering effect
It has been reported that many kinds of seaweed (species unknown) can reduce the cholesterol level in serum and the cholesterol content in viscera of rats (high-fat diet), and the sterols contained in them, especially β Beta sitosterol is the strongest. Sodium alginate reduced the effect of serum cholesterol, but not significantly, and inhibited the growth of rats. The effect of alginic acid sulfate on anti-lipemia was the same as that of heparin. Generally speaking, the anti-lipid effect of alginic acid sulfate decreases with the decrease of molecular weight, but if the alginic acid sulfate is further sulfonated, the effect will disappear.
3. Blood dilator
Sodium Alginon (molecular weight of 20000 ~ 26000) can be used to make plasma substitute, Alginon is a mixture of 0.4% sodium Alginon, 5% glucose and 0.9% saline. It is reported, its enlarge capacity effect and dextran are similar, do not harm to liver, splenic, kidney, marrow, do not have allergy commonly, can promote hematopoietic function. After disinfection, the product can be kept for several years.
4. Effects on pathogens
The effect of seaweed extract on schistosomiasis has been reported. The inhibitory effect of seaweed water extracts on some fungi; Effect of compound chemocarcinoma tablets containing seaweed on ascites carcinoma in mice. Sodium alginate has no antibacterial effect, and such polysaccharides often reduce the activity of antibiotics. It has been reported that the water and alcohol extracts of different species of algae have antibacterial effect in vitro.
5. Skin care and moisturizing function
Plankton Extract is a good moisturizer, not only because the active ingredients in seaweed bind to skin proteins to produce a moisturizing gel, but also to produce a protective film on the surface of the skin, preventing evaporation by hydration. The researchers studied green algae, which thrive in coastal tides, and found that sulfated polysaccharides have a significant moisturizing effect.
6. Lose weight and reduce fat
Plankton Extract is rich in raw sugars. Research shows that the substance has obvious effect of lowering blood lipid. For example, porphyra polysaccharide extracted from porphyra can significantly reduce the cholesterol content in blood of healthy mice, and promote the content of triglyceride and cholesterol in serum of rats fed with high fat and high cholesterol to decrease by 30.0% and 48.6% respectively. In addition, the researchers extracted a compound from the red algae, when the content of the compound was 2.5 to 5.0 percent, its lipid-dissolving ability than traditional lipid-dissolving agents such as theophylline.