The efficacy and sexual taste of each seed powder

[cold]  grape seed, cucumber seed, celery seed, bitter melon seed, spinach seed, melon seed, winter melon seed, cassia seed, mulberry fruit.
[temperature] green onion seeds, su seeds, fennel seeds, leek seeds, black pumpkin seeds, rapeseed, lettuce seeds, papaya seeds, sunflower seeds and pomegranate seeds.
[neutral] lettuce, gourd seeds, carrot seeds, black sesame seeds, carrot seeds.
The effect of each seed powder:

each seed powder
Grape seed powder: beauty and beauty anti-aging, prevention of hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases 
Cucumber seed powder: can adjust people's "five tuberculosis" "seven injuries", the long-term stubbornness and consumptive disease injury of damage and has the function of the recovery and treatment of femoral head necrosis, too tired to the human body has the function that quickly restores the physical strength, and purge runchang the effect for treating constipation. This product is pure natural vegetable seed powder, without any additives. 
Celery seed powder: the treatment of high blood pressure has special effects (drink with boiling water).
Chinese onion seed powder: regulating endocrine, with the aging of human, Yin, zhuang Yang more and more attention. The spirit is willing and the force is insufficient is the old and old male common existence of the difficult words, the tonic kidney from now, often eat the big onion seed powder, you will get the unexpected effect. 
Su seed powder: to supplement liver, treat liver disease, reduce fat to prevent mammary gland hyperplasia. 
Rapeseed powder: it has the effect of repairing periosteum and growing soft tissue. It can be used for the treatment of rheumatism, lumbar disc herniation and necrosis of femoral head.
Bitter melon seed powder: it is faster to reduce sugar, it has therapeutic effect on diabetes, and it is better to eat with cucumber seed powder and black pumpkin seed powder. It has the effect of preventing the aging of aging. 
Spinach seed powder: together with cucumber seed powder to treat tuberculosis, asthma, clean lung disease and so on.
Calabash seed powder: has the effect of lowering blood lipid, can treat and prevent cerebral thrombosis and cerebrovascular disease, long-term use has the effect of softening blood vessel.
Melon seed powder: can treat all kinds of heart disease. Use the egg wash water with the melon seeds powder together, the effect is better. 
Fenzo seed powder: it is edible with cucumber seed powder, can supplement kidney, it has obvious curative effect to kidney deficiency, kidney cold, frequent urinate, dropsy and so on. 
Winter melon seed powder: has the beauty, the beauty, the diet to reduce weight to have the remarkable effect. The effect is better with cucumber seed powder.
Lee-seed powder: there are nourishing Yin and kidney, and there is a significant therapeutic effect on constipation. 
Carrot seed powder: clear eye, protect eyesight to uremia, urine sample turbidity has treatment and rehabilitation effect. 
Black sesame seed powder:  taste gan ping kidney channels can be run five zang-organs, ts are rich in vitamin E, calcium content is other than, feed with cucumber seed powder can promote human body the absorption of calcium, enhance immunity, the elderly long-term use, runchang relieve dry stool, regulate endocrine, known as the corn. 
Radish seeds: vaporized food has a unique effect on long-term gastric distention. 
Black pumpkin powder:  on patients with hyperplasia of prostate, breast and diabetes have special curative effect, also can promote human insulin secretion, increase the release of insulin, the diabetes therapy has a remarkable effect, have special unsaturated fatty acid, can eliminate initial swelling of the prostate, and restore function. 
Rapeseed powder: invigorate blood circulation, detoxify, detoxify, wide bowel movement, strong body, the main treatment of the wind dandu, hand and foot pain, habitual constipation, the elderly lack calcium, etc. 
Coriander seed powder: it is also known as coriander, which has aromaticity and invigorating effect. Water decoction treatment for measles, water decoction for the treatment of rectocele, a powder for every 10 grams of the treatment of chest distension.
Papaya seed powder: sexual flavour acid, smooth the liver and stomach, beauty to raise colour, papaya contains papain, and rich vitamin A, vitamin C, is A natural antioxidant, anti-aging, stimulate the female hormone secretion, breast enhancement, promote skin metabolism, leave skin tender and white. Papaya seed also has moistening lung function. 
Semen cassia: clear liver, clear liver, relieve heat, and have special effect on constipation. 
Mulberry fruit: nourishing Yin to enrich blood, shengjin runim. The main treatment of the liver and kidney Yin and blood deficiency of the dizziness of the tinnitus, hair early white, insomnia, many dreams, the thirst, thirst, thirst, constipation.
Sunflower: can prevent anemia, also have the function of the treatment of insomnia, enhance memory, for cancer, atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, neurasthenia, cure diseases such as diarrhea, pustular sore, can adjust the body metabolism, maintain stable blood pressure and lower cholesterol in the blood, also can prevent skin weather-shack, night blindness. 
Pomegranate seed: to prevent halitosis, diarrhea sterilization, shengjin quench thirst, beautify the skin.