Belvedere Fruit Extract

Belvedere Fruit Extract

Latin Name: Fructus Kochiae 
Plant source: The fruit of Kochia scoparia ( L.) Schrad.
Part Used: Fruit
Specification:95% 98% HPLC
Test Method: TLC
Appearance:Yellow Brown Fine Powder
2.Functional food and food additive;
1. Clear heat; promote urination; relieve rheumatic painsl;
2. Relieve itching; used for difficult urine, pruritus vulvae, skin itch,etc.  
About Belvedere Fruit Extract(Fructus Kochiae Extract):
Belvedere Fruit Extract is a Chinese herbal medicine that can treat many diseases. Its most remarkable effect is to clear away heat and dampness, remove rheumatism, and relieve itching. This Chinese herbal Belvedere Fruit Extract is often used to treat allergic skin diseases such as rash and eczema. In addition to treating skin diseases, this Chinese herbal medicine can also cure diseases such as yang deficiency, weak urine and urinary dysfunction.

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