Keratin Hydrolyzed

Keratin Hydrolyzed

CAS No.: 69430-36-0
Molecular Formula:C2H2BrClO2
Formula Weight:173.39308
Appearance:  White crystalline powder
Applications:  Cosmetic & Nutritional additives
Keratin hydrolyzed is a processed form of keratin.It is a hydrolysate of keratin protein derived from acid, enzyme, and other method of hydrolysis, which has been applied in many areas including feed and food industry, pharmacy, fertilizers, pesticides, environmental protection, leather industry, and cosmetics. 
Branching-chain amino acids can promote muscle growth, promote anabolic metabolism, and play a good role in the release of insulin. They are very effective in reducing fat and providing essential nutrients for the body. Through research, branching-chain amino acids can prolong people's life.
Keratin hydrolyzed can be added to a variety of beverages to make high-energy drinks, play a complementary role in the supplemental energy and body building
Shelf life:   2 Years When Properly Stored
Storage:  Store in Cool & Dry Places.Please Keep Away From Strong Light

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