Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate

Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate

CAS NO.: 53124-00-8 
Molecular Formula: C44H79O35P
Molecular Weight: 1199.055
Appearance: White Powder 
Hydroxypropyl content(%): 7.0%
Chloropropanol(mg/kg):  ≦1
Potato or wheat starch(%): ≦0.14
Other starch(%):  ≦0.04
Cereals(mg/kg):  ≦50
As(mg/kg):  ≦3
Heavy metals(mg/kg): ≦40
Pb(mg/kg): ≦2
Use: Food Additive    
Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate can be used as a thickener. May be used for mayonnaise, fermented, seasoned yogurt and its products, cold drinks, canned sardines and sardines, frozen fish sticks and fish pieces (only wrapped with bread crumbs and bread loafs).
Hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate (HDP) is a modified resistant starch. It is currently used as a food additive (INS number 1442). It is approved for use in the European Union (listed as E1442), the United States, Australia, Taiwan, and New Zealand.
Storage: Store at the dry and cool place. Kept in a well closed container. Keep away from sunlight.

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