OEM of make-up remover skin care cleanser foam amino acid facial cleanser

OEM of make-up remover skin care cleanser foam amino acid facial cleanser

Product Name:Make-up remover skin care cleanser foam amino acid facial cleanser

1. Deep Cleaning
2. Oil control cleaning
3. Gentle cleaning
4. Hydra clean
5. Moisturizing lock water
6. Care for sebum film
Four functions to gently cleanse your skin:
1. Mild and non-irritating
Moisturizes skin after cleansing
2. Rich bubble
The foam is delicate and delicate, elastic and thick, and the skin is not tight after use.
3. Clean
Penetrate the pores and remove the dirt residue, allowing the pores to breathe freely
4. Mild and non-irritating
Accelerate skin metabolism and lay the foundation for subsequent skin care products

Moisturizing ingredients:
6 plants interact to balance sensitive skin and create healthy skin that is less irritating
1. Tangerine Peel Extract 
2. Peach Kernel Extract 
3. Jobstears Seed Extract
4. Licorice Leaves Extract
5. Rhizoma Chuanxiong Extract
6. Jujube Extract
Suitable for all skin types:
1. Oily skin
Give oil serious, pore bulky, have blackhead person
2. Mixed skin
T-shaped part formed by the forehead and nose is heavily oiled
3. Acne skin
Face frequently takes blain or has blain mark, blain pit person
4. Allergic skin
Facial light oil, but easy to some skin care products sensitive stimulation
5. Overtime skin
Overtime stay up late, pressure, resulting in more oil, pox pits

Suitable for all skin types
3 Tips for Amino acid cleanser:
1. Deep cleaning
Delicate foam, deep clean, effectively remove dirt and aged cutin pores, open the nutrition channel
Remove dirt, dredge pores, warm and moisturizing
2. Mild and unstimulating
Contains 11 amino acids, a mild ingredient recognized in the skin care industry
3. Moisturize without tightening
Three natural moisturizing ingredients help skin to hold on to moisture and not tighten after cleansing
Moisturizing ingredients, hyaluronic acid, soluble collagen, spring water
Product description:
Amino acid moisturizing factor can form a protective film on the skin surface to replace the NMF moisturizing factor that has been washed off to lock in moisture and nourish the skin, thus maintaining the sebum film and improving the skin defense.
Use Cleanser Correctly:
Step 1:
From the center of the face to the outside of the test daub, pay attention to the finger with a circle, forehead part with both hands of the middle finger and ring finger up and down with the z word to push away, can effectively prevent pore blockage
Step 2:
Massage with your fingers and ring fingers in a spiral motion through your nose and between your eyebrows. Bite your lower lip and project your chin forward
Step 3:
Massage the middle and ring fingers back and forth from the brow to the corner of the eyebrow to the upper eye. Note that the skin of the eye is fragile, so massage gently.
Step 4:
Use your index finger, middle finger and ring finger to massage from the inside of your face to the outside in a circular motion
Step 5:
Push the root that inserts ear with forefinger and middle finger upward press, can promote lymphatic concentration place blood circulates

OEM of make-up remover skin care cleanser foam amino acid facial cleanser

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