Anti-speckle Ingredient

Anti-speckle Ingredient

Product Name: Anti-speckle Ingredient
Product Description:

•100% brand new and high quality
•reduce the deposition ofskin pigment , remove spots and freckles, as well as antiseptic, antiphlogistic effect.
•Deep dissolve skin ageing cutin and dirt, remove yellow color of skin, prevent rough, relaxation, dull skin, help fade spots and melanin
•The ratioof soft powder and the water is 1:1
•fall the water and soft powder together,or the powder first and water next.
•Can mildly, comprehensively weken accumulated melanin, relieve and prevent specks, adjust dark, uneven skin color and nouish the skin to keep it in a fair, flawless state.
•Can not only decompose melanin in epidemis and control surplus melanocytes in bassal skin layer to inhibit the forming of melanin, but also deep moisten and clarify the skin. Regular usd restores fair, speck-free skin.
•Formulated from Chinese herbal medicine to intensively improve skin condition
•The ingredient reach the root of the dark spots and resolve them.
•effectively remove excess Nitric Oxide Thoroughly minimize the melanin production
•Skin appears clearer, whiter and more radiant

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