Blood DNA Kit D3392

Blood DNA Kit D3392

Product Name: Blood DNA Kit D3392
Specification: 250ml  
For quick and easy extraction of genomic DNA from 1-250 ul of fresh, frozen anticoagulated whole blood samples. The kit is also suitable for extracting high-purity DNA from serum, blood clotting, blood yellow layer, saliva, and body fluids.The kit allows single or multiple, simultaneous processing of samples in under 30 minutes. Normally, up to 1 ml of whole blood can be used in a single experiment. 
Blood DNA Kit uses the reversible nucleic acid-binding properties of HiBind®matrix, combined with the speed of mini-column spin technology. A specifically formulated buffer system allows genomic DNA 30-60 kb to bind to the matrix. Samples are first lysed under denaturing conditions and then applied to the HiBind® DNA spin columns to which DNA binds, while cellular debris, hemoglobin, and other proteins are effectively washed away. High quality DNA is finally eluted in sterile deionized water or low salt buffer.
Storage and Stability: 
All components of the Blood DNA Kit should be stored at 22oC-25oC.Proteinase K should be stored at 15EC-25EC. Under these conditions, DNA has successfully been purified and used for PCR after 24 months of storage. Under cool ambient conditions, a precipitate may form in the Buffer BL. In case of such an event, heat the bottle at 37oC to dissolve. Store Buffer BL at room temperature.
Expiration Date:  Blood DNA Kit components are guaranteed for at least 24 months from the date of purchase when stored at 22-25oC.

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